Teamwork in the Martial Arts

The martial arts are known for being individually paced and great for character building since it is up to each student to set and achieve their own goals. However, the martial arts are also built upon community, which ultimately thrives through teamwork. You may be asking yourself “how can the martial arts, something based on personal improvement revolve so closely around teamwork?” and we have the answers right here for you in this blog!

Practice With Partners: When students reach a certain level of understanding they will begin to practice with their peers during class. This one-on-one partner practice is important for improvement and the values of teamwork come largely into play here. During practice with a partner it is important for students to use good judgement to cooperate without goofing off so that everyone stays safe. It is crucial for students to work as a team to avoid unnecessary chatter and lack of attention to the instructor. If one student starts to make jokes or talk the whole class will suffer. It is up to the entire team of students in class to hold each other accountable and to strive to be good teammates!

Tournaments and Events: Having fun outings and hosting fun events on weekends and after class is a privilege for our students. We love to host parties and compete but we wouldn’t be able to do these exciting things as a school if our students didn’t use their teamwork skills to participate respectfully and help out! At tournaments teamwork comes into play just as simply as watching out for fellow karate school mates. While at tournaments students should follow the same rules and behaviors that are expected of them during their regular classes. If a student sees that their friends aren’t following these guidelines it is always acceptable to remind them! It takes curtesy to help out with everything and to ensure that these kinds of fun privileges can continue!

Common Goals: Although our students have the luxury of learning at their own individual paces, students who share classes are still working toward common goals. There is no pressure to keep up with other students, but sharing a common interest and the goal of moving up to higher belt ranks means that you have a team to support and a team who will support you in your efforts and achievements! Your karate family is there to watch you rise and to lift you up on the days that you need an extra push. Increasing the morale of one of your classmates has a domino effect of positivity on the entire class.

Teamwork can be felt within the entire school once you step into the building. Between supportive parents, friends, and the beaming smile on students’ faces when they achieve a new goal. Although you progress individually, students could never do so well without the atmosphere of a supportive team.

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