Silver Spring Tai Chi Classes

Beginner Tai Chi Classes Enrolling In July

Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Silverspring Tai Chi with Yoga!



If you're searching for a gentle and relaxing workout that gives you peace of mind, and superior fitness results, consider our Silverspring Tai Chi with Yoga classes.

Silverspring Tai Chi will help you achieve health and harmony through a series of muscle movements that stimulate the flow of Chi energy throughout your body and major organs. It will keep your body strong, balanced and in good health.

And, yoga can help you stretch, strengthen and rejuvenate your life!

There's an old Asian saying: ôIf you study Tai Chi, you will have the flexibility of a child, the strength of a lumberjack and the wisdom of a sage.ö

Refuel, recharge, and regain the body and health you want!

You'll enjoy a slow internal art of fitness and self defense that teaches Chinese Joint Locking, pressure points, as well as meditation, breathing techniques and relaxation tools to stretch, strengthen and move your body with gentle precision.

You'll play ôPush Handsö (aka Toi Shou) which is a one-on-one game that's so much FUN! One gentle, correctly placed Tai Chi push will send the biggest football player helplessly staggering backward, arms wheeling, struggling for balance. It's a game that can make a good fighter into a better one!

Let the Rejuvenation of Silverspring Tai Chi Begin!

Find out how you can regain your strength, balance, and coordination, look and feel years younger, and enjoy better health. Our Silverspring Tai Chi with Yoga can be your first step to total wellness, vitality, and longevity.

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Benefits of Tai Chi

  • Less stress
  • More strength and stamina
  • Reduced stiffness and pain
  • Faster recovery from injury and surgery
  • Good posture
  • More mentally alert
  • And, sleep more soundly at night.
  • A larger range of motion
  • Less injury

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