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  • Teamwork in the Martial Arts

    The martial arts are known for being individually paced and great for character building since it is up to each student to set and achieve their own goals. However, the martial arts are also built upon community, which ultimately thrives through teamwork. You may be asking yourself “how can the martial arts, something based on personal improvement revolve so closely around teamwork?” and we have the answers right here for you in this blog! Practice With Partners:
    When students reach a certain level of understanding they will begin to practice with their peers during class. This one-on-one partner practice is important for improvement and the values of teamwork come largely ....

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  • How to Motivate Your Child in the Martial Arts

    As parents we strive to be motivational, but we don’t want to be pushy. There is a fine line between the two, and it is important not to cross that line. We never want to cause our child discomfort to the point that they want to quit something that they love. So how can we as parents be supportive in our child’s journey, without hindering their love for the arts? Take a look at our tips below for some guidance!
    Take an Interest:
    Ask your child about their classes afterwards. Ask them what they learned, what was fun, if there were any highlights, etc. Don’t ask a question that they can answer with a simple one word, ask them something that will get them talking and ....

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  • Reasons Why Children Should Train Kung Fu

    With all of the technological innovations and new products being created and sold daily, our young people are constantly bombarded with new reasons to live a sedentary, secluded lifestyle. Everything they could want or need is at their fingertips, without ever having to leave their room or an enclosed space. This is why more than ever, physically and mentally engaging activities outside of the home are becoming important. And in this case, there is no activity that offers your child more benefits than Kung Fu! 1. Self-Defense

    One of the most obvious benefits that Kung Fu has to offer is the self-defense. Kung Fu is a system that has been around since 420 AD and was ....

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  • Pre-Workout Snacks for Martial Artists

    Let’s face it, when we’re constantly on the go we tend to grab the same old snacks that come pre-packaged and they can get pretty boring. That’s if we even have time to fuel up before class. Many of us skip over our pre-workout snacks all together, causing for low energy, grogginess and inability to learn to our fullest during class. We’ve come up with seven delicious, easy, and exciting snack ideas to munch on before hitting the gym!
    Protein Bars
    Making your own protein bars is fast and easier than you’d think! Grab your blender and throw in dried fruit of your choice. Dates make for a great binder in this recipe, but you can choose any of the sticker ....

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  • Pre Martial Arts Hydration for Kids

    Getting your kids to drink water can be more of a struggle than getting them to eat their vegetables! However, water is crucial for the body to function properly, especially for our martial arts students! It’s important for kids who are involved in high intensity workouts to not just drink the usual eight ounces of water a day, but to drink even more to compensate for water loss from sweat during class. So, how can you make drinking water their choice, rather than a battle? These five tips are sure to help your kids stay hydrated! 1. Buy a Fun Water Bottle
    Kids love to pick out new toys and what is even better? When the toy features a character they know from books or television. ....

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  • Quick Tips for Preparing for Competition

    Physically and mentally preparing for a big tournament can be daunting and emotionally taxing. Even something as small as an in house competition can be nerve wracking. So how can you best prepare for these events? You are…
    Being faced with the pressure of your own performance and inner goals. Worry about disappointing friends, family, coaches, teammates and supporters. Trying to live up to the expectations and you’ve set out for yourself. Emotions are on high, muscles becomes tense, your stomach feels queasy and your adrenaline starts to rise. All while you must prepare to give the best performance you possibly can! How Should You Prepare For a Competition?
    You Must ....

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  • 5 Steps to Avoid Muscle Cramps

    No matter which martial arts you practice, you may have experienced horrible pain in your muscles known as a muscle cramp. Muscle cramps can range from short lasting, annoying tickles all the way to blinding pain and muscle spasms for multiple minutes. With the tips below we hope that you can achieve cramp-less martial arts training going forward! 1. Drink More Water
    Dehydration affects the entire body! Many athletes don’t drink enough water because they forget that eight glasses of water on the day of a workout is not enough to replenish the water lost in sweat. Many athletes need up to 12 glasses of water in order to be well hydrated on tough workout days. Your muscles ....

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  • The Benefits of Meditation

    Our lives can be hectic and stressful, and sometimes that stress can make feel us impatient, exhausted, frustrated, and sad. While you may not be able to remove all that is stressful from your life (be it work, family or school), you can manage your stress a little better through meditation. A simple, short, 10 to 15 minute meditation can help you to slow down, get calm, and allow you to refocus. If you’ve ever found yourself in a rut of negative thinking, meditation can help with this, too. Meditations can help you not only find balance but also control. Meditating can be extremely beneficial when it comes to practicing martial arts. As you meditate, your ....

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